Know About Free Fire OB45 Update: New Features, Gameplay Enhancements, and More

Free Fire OB45 Update
Free Fire OB45 Update

Free Fire OB45 Update: Hello gamers, if you are a free fire player, then this is a good news for you, free fire has launched their ob45 update advance server, in this advance server you can see and know all about the new update of free fire. In the upcoming free fire hope all new characters, new items, new game mode, you can use everything in the free fire advance server.

What is going on in the free fire ob45 update?

If you are also a free fire game lover then you must know that ob45 update in free fire is going slowly in few days. Free Fire has already opened their advance server, so you can easily know all about the upcoming ob45 update of Free Fire. If you want to know about all the updates of Free Fire then this post is for you. In this post you will know everything about free fire ob45 update.

New Social Island

Free fire ob45 update you will see the new interface of the social island in free fire, Gerena Free Fire has redesigned the social island in the game in this update, you will see many new things in the social island in this update, you will see a big football ground in the social island. will see Also you can see a wall of free fire world champions series, and there will be a music playing. Moreover, you can see a big city wave in this social island. You will also find boxing rings and racing tracks in these islands.

New Game mode

In this update you can see a new twist in the game called Cosmic Racer. In this mode you can see a new car. The car in this mood can move on the ground and can rise in the sky. It’s going to be a very distressing and awesome mod.

New FPP mode

Gerena Free Fire officially announced that FPP or First Person Preview is going to come in Free Fire in ob45 update. You can use this FPP Mode in CS mode in the game.

7th anniversary

You will see 7 anniversaries in Free Fire ob45 update, Free Fire will complete their seven years this year. And in this happiness, you will be able to see different types of events in Free Fire, and you will also see different types of changes in the map, in this event you will get different kinds of surprising gifts in the map. You will get these gifts in rank map and CS map in these two modes.

Old Peak Returns

In Free Fire’s Seventh Anniversary, you’ll find the return of a very popular location from the old game’s map. Those of you who have been playing Free Fire for a long time will know that Bermuda Peak was a very popular place on the map and it is no longer there, it has been removed from the map, but you will see the old Peak in this event.

Weapon Update

In this update you will not see any new type of gun in the game, but in this update some changes have been made in the weight and section in the free fire game, you can change the attribute of any friend by choosing the skin in the game after this update. Moreover, in this update, the healing gun in the game has been changed to healing gun-y and some of its abilities have been changed.

In this update, you can see three levels of the Meg-10 gun in the game. Currently, different friends can be updated in the game, such as Groza, M4A1, M1014 Shotgun, and now you will also get the level update of the Mag Ten.

Character Update

In this updated you will see a new character named kassie in the game. The ability of this character is, with the help of this character, you can heal your game partner. This is an active skill character.

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