Top 5 Trending Beauty Apps in the US

Top 5 Trending Beauty Apps in the US
Top 5 Trending Beauty Apps in the US


Top 5 Trending Beauty Apps in the US: The beauty apps are trending now. They allow individuals to try new looks and products. Today, we analyzed trending beauty apps in the US. They provide different kinds of facilities. Some apps allow users to try virtual makeup, while others suggest skincare routines and personal advice. Let’s check top five beauty apps that are trending.

1. YouCam Makeup


YouCam Makeup is a popular beauty app. It allows users to try virtual makeup and provides photo editing tools. It’s available for both iOS and Android platforms. A large number of users appreciate its life-like virtual try-on option.

Virtual Makeup Try-On

YouCam Makeup provides users with a chance to try different makeup looks. This feature works with high accuracy. It applies makeup using augmented reality in real-time. Users can try numerous lipstick colors, eyeshadows, and so on. The app also provides makeup lessons. Users can easily follow these lessons.

Skin Analysis

It provides users with a skin analysis facility. People take a selfie; the app analyzes their skin. It provides related information to its users. It detects wrinkles, dark spots, redness, and so on. According to the analysis, it suggests relevant products.

Community and Social Sharing

YouCam Makeup offers a large community. Users share their looks and receive feedback from others. It is also connected to social media platforms. Thus, users can share their makeup looks with friends.

2. Sephora


Sephora’s app is also popular. It offers a shopping and beauty advice facility. Its user interface is user-friendly. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Virtual Artist

Virtual Artist is an interesting feature of the app. It enables users to try various products. The list of products includes makeup and skincare items. Users can preview the appearance of items before purchasing.

Beauty Offers and Discounts

It updates users about recent offers. It provides exclusive discounts and deals. Users can also log in to their Beauty Insider account. This account tracks points and rewards.

Tutorials and Reviews

Sephora’s app provides a number of tutorials. They assist users in learning new techniques. It also contains other users’ reviews about different items. Hence, users can make better buying decisions.

3. Ulta Beauty


Ulta Beauty app is very popular. It offers a shopping, tutorial, and personal advice facility. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Its user interface is also user-friendly.


GLAMlab is Ulta Beauty’s virtual try-on feature. It allows users to try different products. They can try makeup and hair color products. This feature applies augmented reality to provide a life-like experience.

Personalized Recommendations

It provides users with personalized product advice. A few questions regarding their preferences and skin type are asked. According to the answers, it suggests relevant products.

Rewards Program

Ulta Beauty’s app contains its rewards program. Users can earn points by making purchases. They can use these points for receiving discounts. The app also updates users about special offers and events.

4. Beautylish


Beautylish is a full-fledged beauty app. It emphasizes on beauty news, reviews, and shopping. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Beauty News and Reviews

Beautylish provides latest beauty news. Users can read about newly launched products and trends. The app also contains detailed reviews. Beauty experts and users write these reviews.

Shopping and Recommendations

It contains a large catalog of products. Users can purchase makeup, skincare, and hair products. Beautylish also offers personal advice to users. This allows them to choose products according to their requirements.

Community and Tutorials

Beautylish emphasis on its community. Users share their beauty looks and tips with others. It also provides tutorials. These tutorials include different beauty topics. Users can enhance their skills by following these tutorials.

5. Perfect365


Perfect365 is a widely used beauty app. It emphasizes on virtual makeup and photo editing. Its iOS and Android versions are available in the market. Millions of users are utilizing its services.

Virtual Makeup

Perfect365 enables users to try virtual makeup looks. The app contains a wide assortment of products. Users can try different styles. Its virtual makeup tool is very accurate.

Photo Editing Tools

The app provides powerful photo editing tools. Users can edit their photos with convenience. They can smooth skin, whiten teeth, and so on. Thus, users can click perfect selfies.

Makeup Tutorials

Perfect365 provides a number of makeup tutorials. Users can follow these tutorials easily. They assist users in learning new techniques. The app regularly updates its tutorials.


Beauty apps are revolutionizing the beauty industry. They allow individuals to try new looks and products. YouCam Makeup, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Beautylish, and Perfect365 are very popular. Each app provides different kinds of facilities. Users can choose any app according to their requirements. Some apps allow users to try virtual makeup, while others suggest products and offer beauty news. The advanced technology will possibly allow apps to provide more innovative features in the future. For now, these top five apps are best for gong ahead in the beauty race.

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