Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android in 2024

Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android in 2024

Nowadays there are a lot of games available online, if you are a game lover and want to play good games then this post is for you. There are many people who find their favorite games online. Today I will tell you about the 5 most popular puzzle games online. If you like to play puzzle games then you can choose any one of these five games to play.

What is Puzzle Game?

Puzzle game is a special type of game, compared to other games, Puzzle Game is a little different. Puzzle game is a problem solving game, in this game there are different types of complex problems that have to be solved by our intelligence. Such games help a lot in brain development.

Nowadays the demand of Puzzle games has increased a lot, this kind of games. People of all ages from children to adults can play, playing such games improves problem solving skills and brain development.

Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android in 2024:

If you want to know about the best five puzzle games then you have come to the right place, in this post you will know about the best five puzzle games. You can choose your own game and play according to your choice. So without further delay let’s know the details about the games.

1. Monument Valley 3:

Monument Valley 3 released on January 15, 2024 continues the series tradition of beautiful visuals and hard puzzles. In this one you play a new character through a series of dreamlike landscapes, manipulating the environment to progress. The game is famous for its optical illusions and impossible geometry, it’s a visual and mind bending experience. Monument Valley 3 has new levels and puzzles and a storyline that adds depth to the game. The easy to control interface lets you fully immerse yourself in the art and the challenges, it’s a great addition to the series.

2. The Room Three:

Room Three is the third in the Room series of puzzle games from Fireproof Games. Released in 2015 it continues the series tradition of clever puzzles and great atmospheres. In this one you find yourself on a remote island, navigating through a series of complex interconnected rooms full of tricky mechanisms and hidden secrets. Solve the puzzles to unlock new areas and uncover the secrets of “The Craftsman” a mysterious figure at the heart of the game.

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It’s known for its detailed 3D graphics, intuitive touch controls and great sound design which all combine to make it a really immersive experience. Each puzzle is hand crafted, often requiring you to use objects and devices in unexpected ways which adds to the sense of mystery and discovery. With multiple endings based on your choices The Room Three has a lot of replay value so puzzle fans will be hooked from start to finish.

3. Mini Metro:

Mini Metro is a minimalist puzzle game where you design and manage subway systems. Released March 5th 2024 it’s a simple yet addictive game. You draw lines between stations to connect them as the city grows. It requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes so it’s both fun and challenging.

Mini Metro has multiple cities to unlock, each with its own challenges. It has endless mode for continuous play and daily challenges to keep you coming back. It’s clean and minimalistic design and intuitive controls make it easy to pick up and play, while the increasing complexity gives it depth and replay. For short or long play sessions Mini Metro is a great puzzle for Android.

4. Pixel Puzzler:

Pixel Puzzler is a fun puzzle game for Android in 2024. This game mixes pixel art and jigsaw puzzles to make something new and fun. You have to put small colored tiles in the right place to assemble pixel art images. From simple for beginners to complex for experts.


Pixel Puzzler has a simple and easy to use interface and controls for all ages. It has many themes and difficulty levels so there’s something for everyone. It also has a relaxing soundtrack and a hint system when you get stuck. The music, pixel art and gameplay makes Pixel Puzzler a fun and addictive puzzle game on Android.

5. Threes!:

Threes! is a number puzzle game famous for its simplicity and gameplay. Released on April 20, 2024 for Android, Threes! has you slide numbered tiles on a 4×4 grid. You have to combine matching tiles to make bigger numbers, starting with 1 and 2 that combine to make 3. Then you merge identical numbers to make bigger multiples of 3. The game is over when there are no more moves left and your score is calculated by the biggest numbers you got on the board.

Threes! has clean and colorful graphics and cute, anthropomorphic tiles with personalities. The mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, has endless reparability. The background music and controls are relaxing and perfect for short and long play. Its beauty and challenge makes it a favorite among puzzle game fans.


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