Overlock codes June 2024

Overlock codes June 2024
Overlock codes June 2024


Overlock codes June 2024: June 1, 2024 Overlock codes dropped. Overlock is a super popular Roblox game based on the anime “Blue Lock”. These codes give you in game rewards like experience points, weapon loot boxes and in game currency called locks. Using these codes will make your game so much better. This article will go over all the June 2024 Overlock codes, how to redeem them and how to stay up to date with new ones.

What is Overlock?

Overlock is a Roblox game by Yakuza Studios. Game is based on the anime “Blue Lock” which is about a football competition to create the best striker in the world. In Overlock you train your character, play football matches and climb the ranks in a dynamic world. Game is popular for its good gameplay and frequent updates to keep you coming back for more.

Active Overlock Codes for June 2024

The following codes are active in June 2024 and provide various rewards to enhance your gameplay:

  1. ULTIMATETEAM – Redeem for free rewards
  2. DELAY – Redeem for 4,000 locks
  3. ZOMBIEDRIBBLING – Redeem for free rewards
  4. WHOSZHOULLE – Redeem for free rewards
  5. 6KLIKES – Redeem for free rewards
  6. WATCHTOWER – Redeem for free rewards
  7. WEEKLYUPDATE – Redeem for free rewards
  8. LAZYFRESHIE – Redeem for 1,000 XP
  9. 1KPLAYERS – Redeem for one weapon loot box
  10. 500PLAYERS – Redeem for one weapon loot box
  11. FREERELEASE – Redeem for 3,000 locks

How to Redeem

Redeeming codes in Overlock is easy. Follow these steps to redeem your codes:

  1. Open Overlock in Roblox: Open the game from your Roblox library.
  2. Go to Character Screen: From the main menu select ‘Character’.
  3. Enter the Codes: On the character screen find the ‘Codes’ box at the bottom right. Type or copy and paste each code one by one.
  4. Redeem: Click ‘Redeem’ to apply the code and get your rewards.

If a code doesn’t work try closing the game and reopening it. This will make sure you’re on the latest server update which may include new codes.

Overlock codes June 2024

Rewards Breakdown


ULTIMATE TEAM code gives you free rewards. Rewards can be experience points, in game currency and items. New code for June 2024 so it’s a big boost for players.


DELAY code gives you 4,000 locks. Locks are used to buy items, upgrade equipment and upgrade your character. Good for players who want to level up fast.


Both ZOMBIEDRIBBLING and WHOSZHOULLE codes give you free rewards. Rewards can be experience points to items. Using these codes will give you an advantage in the game.


These codes are for game milestones and updates. They give you free rewards like experience points and items. Using these codes regularly will keep you competitive.


LAZYFRESHIE code gives you 1,000 XP. XP is used to level up your character and unlock new abilities. Good for players who want to level up fast.


Both 1KPLAYERS and 500PLAYERS codes gives you one weapon loot box each. Loot boxes contains items like weapons and gears that can boost your character.


FREERELEASE code gives you 3,000 locks. Similar to DELAY code this is good for getting the currency to buy items and upgrades in the game.

Why Use Overlock Codes

Using Overlock codes is necessary for players who want to get the most out of the game. Codes gives you free items and currency to help you level up faster, unlock new abilities and overall gameplay. Redeem these codes regularly to stay competitive and get all the benefits of Overlock.


Overlock codes for June 2024 gives you a lot of rewards to boost your game. From experience points to weapon loot boxes and in game currency these codes gives you valuable items to level up fast. Follow the simple steps to redeem these codes and stay updated for new release and you’ll get the most out of Overlock. Happy gaming and be the top striker in the Roblox football universe.

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