Elden Ring DLC: What to Do First – Best Route, Weapons and Map Locations

Elden Ring DLC What to Do First - Best Route, Weapons and Map Locations
Elden Ring DLC What to Do First - Best Route, Weapons and Map Locations

Elden Ring has the biggest and most complex world From Software has ever made. The open world can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know what to do first. With so many options available you might wonder if you should take on that big Tree Sentinel near the start. The answer is no. Instead follow the beams of light from the Sites of Grace to get heading in the right direction. But relying only on those beams will mean you miss out on some good opportunities. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the most of your early playtime in Elden Ring.

First Steps in Elden Ring

Church of Elleh

Your first goal should be to visit the Church of Elleh. The gold dust at your first Site of Grace will naturally guide you here. This is a good base of operations for West Limgrave and is the central hub for several important events. Don’t take on the Tree Sentinel yet unless you’re feeling reckless. This boss is better to take on once you’ve upgraded your weapon at least once or twice.

First Map

Elden Ring allows for wandering but to get your first map head north from the Church of Elleh. You’ll come across a set of ruined stone buildings, the barracks. Make sure you’re at full health and use stealth to take out the soldiers inside, they can get to you quickly. Outside the barracks on the road you’ll find a stele. Interact with it to get your first map fragment. Timing is key here as a polearm wielding soldier patrols the road.

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In each area you’ll find these monuments and interacting with them will give you maps. West Limgrave map hides the monument icon but it’s visible on other maps.

Get the Spirit Calling Bell

After activating three Sites of Grace and meeting Melina for the first time, fast travel back to the Church of Elleh. You’ll find Kalé the merchant asleep surrounded by fog with a blue woman nearby. This is Ranni the witch. Talk to her to get the Spirit Calling Bell, which unlocks Spirit Ash summons. These ashes allow you to summon various support NPCs into battle, including wandering sorcerers, wolves and even jellyfish. Upgrading Spirit Ashes later on is essential for some boss fights, especially the first one outside Stormveil Castle.

Stormhill Shack

Once you pass through Stormgate on the way to Stormveil Castle turn right and head east until you reach a small shack. Inside you’ll find Roderika who basically gives an unofficial tutorial on side quests in Elden Ring. Talk to her multiple times to learn about Chrysalid items and get the Jellyfish Spirit Ash. You’ll find a Chrysalid in Stormveil Castle which you can bring back to Roderika. If she’s not at Stormhill Shack she’ll be at Roundtable Hold. After the second main story boss she’ll upgrade your Spirit Ashes.

Dragon-Burnt Ruins

On the south side of Agheel Lake are the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Weak enemies inhabit this area making it a good spot for early game Rune farming. The ruins have two staircases down. The northern one leads to a room filled with rats and a trap chest that will transport you to a harder area. The southern staircase (accessible with Torrent) leads to a small room with a chest containing the Twinblade, a good weapon for Strength builds.

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Important Weapons and Items

Battle Bloody Finger Nerijus

Scripted invasions in Elden Ring have antagonistic NPCs in fixed locations. Travel north of Agheel Lake along the river and you’ll eventually run into Bloody Finger Nerijus. Stay defensive and dodge his attacks which inflict Bleed. A friendly NPC will help you out and provide a distraction. Defeating Nerijus will give you the Reduvia Dagger, a weapon that scales with Dexterity and Arcane and inflicts Bleed on enemies.

Get Margit’s Shackle

Near the area where you fight Nerijus you’ll find Murkwater Cave. This short dungeon ends with a fight against Patches the Tarnished merchant. Spare him at the end of the fight and you can buy items from him later including Margit’s Shackle. This item can be used twice during the first scripted boss fight to freeze Margit in place for a few seconds but costs 5,000 Runes.

Limgrave Tunnels

Upgrading weapons is important in Elden Ring and to do that you’ll need Smithing Stones. Most areas have at least one mine or “tunnels” dungeon where you can find these stones. Limgrave Tunnels is one of them. Melee classes be warned, the enemies here are resistant to most physical attacks but vulnerable to magic.

Brave the Waypoint Ruins

For players investing in Intelligence, the Waypoint Ruins on the east of the West Limgrave map has a Glintstone Sorceress. The ruins is guarded by deadly plant monsters. Once a path is clear, dash down the stairs and face the Mad Pumpkin Head boss. After defeating him you’ll meet Sellen the sorceress who sells basic Glintstone spells. Bring her Glintstone Craftsman Cookbooks and she’ll have more stock.

Get the Flask of Wondrous Physik

Northeast of the Waypoint Ruins is the Third Church of Marika. Interact with the statue in the middle to get the Flask of Wondrous Physik and two starter crystals. This flask can be customized with different crystals to give you buffs like stamina boost or charged attack boost. Getting this flask early will help you a lot.

Final Tips for a Good Start

Level Up Wisely

Ensure your character is appropriately leveled for each area. Focus on upgrading your primary stats and equipment to handle tougher enemies.

Stock Up on Supplies

Carry plenty of healing items, mana potions, and cures for status effects. Being prepared is crucial, especially in challenging new areas.

Explore Thoroughly

Take your time exploring each area. Elden Ring is filled with hidden treasures, lore, and secret paths. Rushing through the game may cause you to miss valuable items and story elements.

Use Summons and Allies

Make use of NPC allies and Spirit Ash summons. They can help distract enemies and provide crucial support during difficult battles.


Elden Ring’s expansive world offers countless opportunities and challenges. By following this guide, you can set a solid foundation for your journey. Start by visiting the Church of Elleh, finding the first map, obtaining the Spirit Calling Bell, and exploring key locations like Stormhill Shack and the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Equip yourself with powerful weapons, stay prepared with essential items, and make use of your summons to conquer the game’s challenges. Enjoy your adventure in the captivating world of Elden Ring.

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