Microsoft Addresses Delay of Black Myth: Wukong on Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft Addresses Delay of Black Myth: Wukong on Xbox Series X/S
Microsoft Addresses Delay of Black Myth: Wukong on Xbox Series X/S


In an unexpected turn, Microsoft has issued an official response to the recent delay of Black Myth: Wukong on Xbox Series X/S. While the statement does not directly address all the unresolved questions about the postponed release, a report from a reliable insider hints that there may be deeper issues at play than initially thought.

The Announcement at The Game Awards 2023

Game Science’s Release Date

Game Science, the independent Chinese developer behind the highly-anticipated Soulslike game Black Myth: Wukong, provided a release date for the studio’s upcoming title during The Game Awards 2023. At the event, the company announced that the action RPG would release on August 20, 2024, for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. This announcement generated significant excitement among gamers.

Summer Game Fest 2024 Update

Reaffirmation and Delay

Although Game Science reaffirmed its commitment to launching the title on August 20 during 2024’s Summer Game Fest, the Black Myth: Wukong developer shared bad news for Xbox fans. The company announced that the Series X/S port of the upcoming Soulslike would not launch on the same day as the PS5 and PC versions due to optimization issues. This abrupt decision led to rampant speculation and disappointment among Xbox players.

Black Myth: Wukong

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Speculation and Rumors

Optimization Issues

The delay of the Xbox Series X/S version of Black Myth: Wukong has sparked various theories and rumors. Some speculate that the optimization issues are more severe than initially reported. Others believe there might be underlying strategic or technical challenges that Game Science is facing specifically with the Xbox platform.

Industry Insider Insights

A report from a trusted insider suggests that there could be more to this situation than initially believed. While the exact nature of these additional factors remains unclear, the insider hints at complexities in the development process that are not solely related to optimization.

Microsoft’s Official Response

Clarification Efforts

In response to the growing speculation, Microsoft stepped in to provide some clarity. However, the company’s statement did not offer explicit answers to all the lingering questions. Microsoft acknowledged the delay and emphasized its ongoing collaboration with Game Science to address the optimization issues. The statement reassured fans that efforts are being made to ensure the best possible gaming experience on the Xbox Series X/S.

Focus on Quality

Microsoft’s response highlighted their commitment to quality, ensuring that the delayed release will meet the high standards expected by gamers. This focus on delivering a polished and optimized game aims to maintain player satisfaction despite the delay.

Impact on Fans and the Gaming Community

Disappointment Among Xbox Players

The delay of the Xbox Series X/S version has undoubtedly disappointed many fans who were eagerly awaiting the game’s release. Xbox players now have to wait longer than their PS5 and PC counterparts to experience the highly-anticipated title.

Community Reactions

The gaming community has expressed a mix of frustration and understanding. While some fans are upset about the delay, others appreciate the developer’s commitment to releasing a well-optimized game. Discussions on social media and gaming forums reflect these varied reactions, with many hoping for further updates and transparency from Game Science.

The Road Ahead for Black Myth: Wukong

Ongoing Development

Game Science continues to work diligently on optimizing Black Myth: Wukong for the Xbox Series X/S. The developer’s focus remains on overcoming the technical challenges to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

Future Updates

Fans are eagerly awaiting more updates from Game Science regarding the progress of the Xbox port. Regular communication and transparency from the developer will be crucial in maintaining player interest and trust.


The delay of Black Myth: Wukong on Xbox Series X/S has created a wave of speculation and mixed emotions among fans. While Microsoft’s official response has provided some clarity, many questions remain unanswered. As Game Science continues to address the optimization issues, the gaming community remains hopeful for a successful and polished release. Despite the delay, the anticipation for Black Myth: Wukong remains high, with players eagerly looking forward to experiencing this highly-anticipated action RPG on their preferred platform.

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