Best Free Video Editing Application For Pc In 2024

Best Free Video Editing Application For Pc In 2024

Best free video editing application for pc in 2024: Video editing is now a necessary skill for content producers, marketers and social media influencers in this digital era. Besides being expensive, professional video editing software there are free alternatives for PC users too. These free video editors come with a variety of tools and features that will enable you create videos like a pro without denting your wallet.

Importance of Using Free Video Editing Applications

Using free video editing applications is very important for numerous reasons. They not only enable you edit your videos at no extra cost but also give you an opportunity to learn and get better at your video editing skills. For new entrants into the field of video editing these programs are excellent; they allow one to perfect their craft before deciding on more sophisticated software.

How to Choose the Best Free Video Editing App

There are some important elements that must be considered when looking for the best free video editing app for your PC. These factors are; user interface, editing features, exporting options, availability of tutorials, compatibility with various operating systems, price and user reviews of each product. Once you have evaluated these criteria, it will be possible for you to choose which free video editing application is most suitable for your needs in making high-quality videos.

Top Free Video Editing Apps for PC:

There are several free video editing apps available on PCs. Each has different unique features and advantages. Some of them include:

DaVinci Resolve:

DaVinci Resolve is popular for its professional-level color correction and editing capabilities. However, it also offers a surprisingly feature-rich free version.

  • Advanced Features: Advanced visual effects tools as well as audio and color editing options are provided by this software called DaVinci Resolve.
  • Multi-Track Editing: With this program multi-track editing is made possible thereby allowing for more complex edits involving different videos or audios.
  • Cross-Platform: It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


Shotcut is an open-source video editing tool that is powerful and flexible. This means that the software has a customizable interface which is perfect for users who prefer such.

  • Open-Source: Being open-source allows developers to contribute towards its growth and stability.
  • Format Support: Shotcut supports a wide range of video formats thus eliminating the need for additional conversion software.
  • Cross-Platform: It can be accessed on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


Lightworks has a long history in the film industry. It was used to edit various Hollywood movies. The free version of Lightworks has many features for video editing that can be quite helpful.

  • Professional Background: The fact that it can be used to make feature films means that it is powerful.
  • Multi-Track Editing: You are able to work with different levels of video and audio at once, making for more intricate edits.
  • Export Options: Free users can export videos in 720p, great for most online platforms.


The application, Filmora was developed by Wondershare as a video editing software. It is not only user friendly but also loaded with features. This means that one can make good looking videos without having to be a professional in video editing skills. The program offers many effects, transitions and templates so as enhancing your videos becomes easy.

  • Interface Intuitiveness: With a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface that includes drag-and-drop timeline functionality for streamlining the editing process – this is what makes it possible even for beginners who have never done any video editing before to put up professionally looking clips.
  • Effects Variety: Filmora has got numerous libraries stocked with different types of filters, transitions and effects which helps bring out the artistic side of your work.
  • Enhanced Editing Tools: Even though Filmora is simple to use, there are still some advanced features such as keyframing (which allows you manipulate many parameters at once), audio ducking (balancing background noise against speech) or even color grading among others.
  • Screen Recording Plus Audio Editing Capability: Screen recording can be done using this software besides being able to edit audio files within it thus making it suitable for creating all sorts of content.

HitFilm Express:

HitFilm Express is also among the most popular free video editors. It boasts impressive special effects abilities as well as community-driven tutorials.

  • Visual Effects: A variety of effects and presets are offered by HitFilm Express hence making it good for creative projects.
  • Tutorials: The community provides extensive tutorials which are very helpful especially to beginners.
  • Customization: If you need more advanced tools, you can purchase additional features so as to grow with the software.

Features and Benefits of Each Free Video Editing Application

For PC, each top free video editing application has unique features and benefits. Beginners who want to create simple videos can use Filmora. Shotcut and Lightworks are for advanced users who want professional-grade editing tools. DaVinci Resolve is reputed for its color correction features while adding visual effects is best achieved through HitFilm Express.

User Interface and Ease of Use

It is important that one thinks about user interface as well as ease of utilization whenever they are selecting a free video editing application. For some applications, the layout is more intuitive which makes it easier for beginners to navigate around them and also use the editing tools efficiently. Others may require a steady learning process but offer more advanced options suitable to experienced users.

Editing Capabilities and Tools Offered

The various free film production software have different types of capabilities and instruments in terms of video editing. Some apps come with basic features such as trimming or cuttings clips while others have more advanced ones like color correctors, green screen effects, sound modifications etc. It’s imperative that you select an app that gives you the necessary tools to enable you make the videos you want.

Supported Formats and Export Options

Additionally, one of the most important features to consider when choosing a free video editing program is its supported formats and exporting options. Some applications let one export videos in many different formats so that they can be shared across numerous platforms. However, some have few exporting options making you style your video to a specific format.

Availability of Tutorials and Online Support

Availability of tutorials and online support is critical for beginners learning how to use a new video editing software package. The documentation may include extensive articles as well as video tutorials that will assist you in getting started on the application whereas others have low populations with minimal online resources. It’s good to go for an app that offers the necessary tools to help you learn and enhance your editing skills.

Compatibility with Different Operating Systems

It is also good practice to ensure that it is compatible with your operating system before selecting a free video editor for PC. Some work only on Windows while others are meant for macOS or Linux.

Pricing and Other Necessary Payments

Although some are free, video editing applications might have additional costs involved. This may involve acquiring plug-ins or add-ons, upgrading to a premium version that has more functionalities or paying for online tutorials and support. When selecting a free video editing application, it is important to consider any possible additional costs so as to make sure that you can afford it.


In conclusion, there are some excellent free video editing applications available for PC users with their unique features and advantages. In case you want simple videos as a beginner or professional-grade editing tools as an experienced user, then there is a free video editing application which will suit your needs. By considering the user interface, editing capabilities, exporting options, availability of tutorials, compatibility with different operating systems, pricing, and user reviews this is possible to select the best option among various free video editing applications.

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Can I use free video editing applications for professional projects?

Yes! Many of the free video editing applications have advanced features and tools which can be used in making professional projects.

Are there any limitations to using free video editing applications?    

Certain restrictions such as limited number of tracks, effects and export options may apply to some free versions of video editors.

Do free video editing applications that were supportive of 4K videos?    

A few free video editing applications do support 4K video editing, but it might need a more powerful computer to cope with the higher resolution files.

Can I use free video edition applications on my Mac?    

Yes, there are many free video editing apps that can be used on Mac as well as Windows and Linux operating systems.

Are watermarks or logos added to videos edited by using free video editing apps?  

Some of the free versions of these could contain water marks or logos in them but these can often be removed by upgrading to the paid version of the software.


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