A Complete Walkthrough for Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

A Complete Walkthrough for Poppy Playtime Chapter 1
A Complete Walkthrough for Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Introduction to Poppy Playtime

“Poppy Playtime” is a horror puzzle game by MOB Games. In this game you explore an abandoned toy factory with creepy toys. Chapter 1 is the start of your journey into the dark secrets of Playtime Co. This walkthrough will get you through the whole chapter, help you solve puzzles and avoid danger.

In “Poppy Playtime” you play as a former employee of Playtime Co., a toy company. You get a mysterious letter and go back to the factory. The factory has been abandoned for years and you have to find out what happened.

Starting the Game

When you start the game you find yourself outside the Playtime Co. factory. The first thing to do is to enter the building. Walk up to the front door and interact with it to open.

Getting in the Factory

Inside the factory you’ll see a reception area with a front desk and some posters. To your right there’s a locked security door. Look around for clues. On the front desk there’s a blue VHS tape. Pick it up and put it in the VHS player nearby to watch a video. The video will give you some hints about what happened in the factory.

A Complete Walkthrough for Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Finding the Blue Hand

After the video head to the security room. You’ll need a key code to open the door. The code is on the colorful train that moves around the lobby. The colors of the train carriages are the code you need. Enter the code (Green, Pink, Yellow, Red) into the security door to open it.

Inside the security room you’ll find another VHS tape and a blue GrabPack. Watch the tape to learn how to use the GrabPack then pick it up. The GrabPack is a essential tool to help you solve puzzles by grabbing objects from a distance.

Opening the Blue Hand Door

With the GrabPack on head to the door with the blue hand symbol. Use the blue hand of the GrabPack to open it. You’ll enter a big room with a giant Huggy Wuggy statue, a blue toy.

Turning on the Power

Next you need to turn on the power. Look around the room for a door marked “Power”. Use the blue hand to open it and enter the power room. Inside you’ll see a power grid with wires and switches.

To turn on the power you need to connect the blue hand of the GrabPack to the electrical nodes in the room. Find the first node, grab it with the blue hand and then walk around to connect the electricity to other nodes. You’ll need to solve a small puzzle by moving around the room to connect all the nodes in the correct order.

Exploring the Factory

Now the power is on head back to the Huggy Wuggy room. Huggy Wuggy is gone. This is where things get creepy. Go through the now open door and follow the hallway until you reach the “Make-A-Friend” machine.

Gathering the Toy Parts

The “Make-A-Friend” machine is your next challenge. To use it you need to find three toy parts around the factory. Use the GrabPack to collect these parts and put them on the conveyor belt in front of the machine.

Assembling the Toy

Once you’ve put all three parts on the conveyor belt turn the machine on by pulling the lever. The machine will assemble the toy for you. Pick up the toy and take it to the scanner next to the “Staff Only” door.

Escaping Huggy Wuggy

After scanning the toy the door will open and you’ll enter a dark hallway. Huggy Wuggy will start chasing you. Run through the narrow hallways, ducking and turning to avoid getting caught. This part requires quick reflexes and a bit of trial and error. Keep running until you reach a big door. Pull the lever to open the door and escape Huggy Wuggy.

A Complete Walkthrough for Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Finding Poppy

After escaping you’ll find yourself in a storage room. Look around for a red VHS tape and watch it. This tape will give you more background information about the factory and what happened. Continue through the storage room until you find a door marked “Poppy”. Open it to enter Poppy’s room.

Saving Poppy

In Poppy’s room you’ll see a glass case with Poppy, a doll. Use the GrabPack to open the case and free Poppy. As soon as you open the case the screen will go black and Chapter 1 will end.


Chapter 1 of “Poppy Playtime” has puzzles, creepy toys and a mystery to solve. This walkthrough will guide you through the main steps to complete the chapter. Keep an eye out for clues and stay calm during the chase parts. Good luck in the world of Playtime Co.

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